The Team

I have 5 professional colleagues with me on reconnXpedition.

When you are working with animals that weigh nearly 700kgs, you need to have a working relationship based on trust and loyalty. Camels have worked with mankind for centuries and my camels on this expedition are masters of their craft.

You will learn more about each of my team mates as the expedition unfolds.

TC – my lead camel
TC (Tall Camel) is probably Australia’s most travelled camel. Yes, I know that sounds rather a strange statement but … he’s been exploring deserts for over 20 years including two trips across the entire continent, the last one with me on Capricorn Expedition 1999. TC and I have walked thousands of desert kilometres together. He is nearing retirement and this will probably be his last major desert expedition.

I actually think that on some days I can put him on autocamel and he just finds his way to camp. He is a superb leader and as far as the other camels are concerned, is the ‘chairman of the board’.

Istan – second in line and the ‘back-up’ man.
Istan (otherwise known as Stanley) is more than capable of leading when TC retires. He is the shortest camel in the string and is number 2 in line for a good reason – because he is short, I can reach his load easily. This is important, as the steel ‘green boxes’ hold all the maps and communication gear & GoPro camera.

Sultan – the dark prince
Sultan is powerful and reliable, although he can be rather strong headed and is not that personable at times. He will be carrying 10 X 22 litre cans of water.

Char – the quiet achiever
Curly haired Char never says a word. He just gets on with the job and like Morgan behind him, is incredibly strong. He will carry about 200kg of equipment and supplies (mainly water). He has one speed – constant.

Morgan – the anchor watertanker
Some people have likened Morgan to a D10 Caterpillar Bulldozer and in may ways that’s a good description as he plods along at the back of the line. He usually carries 10 jerry cans of water – that’s 220 litres, the equivalent to a 44 gallon drums worth of H2O. He is without doubt the best/biggest/strongest example of a packcamel that I have seen in Australia. Quite simply, he is massive and incredibly strong.
He also occasionally believes that he is being followed by a giant bunyip called Frank.

If you want to keep camels, have a big enough door – Afghan Proverb
If the camel does get his nose into your swag, you had better move over – Aussie Proverb

5 thoughts on “The Team

  1. Andrew just makes up that story about the bunyip so he will have an excuse to console/comfort/cuddle Morgan, guess who has who trained? Trek on Andrew! Helga and Ray

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