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Once the expedition begins, you can follow my journey through the ETE website. Your class can experience what travelling in the desert with camels is like in the 21st Century. Indeed, yo may find that this ancient mode of travel has changed little since camels first camel to Australia over 150 years ago.

With ETE you will be able to learn all about the Simpson Desert under the following prime topics:

  • Desert Ecology
  • Aboriginal life in the Simpson
  • European explorers
  • Afghan cameleers and the use of camels in desert exploration
  • Expedition equipment
  • Navigation
  • The Southern Stars
  • Floods in the desert
  • The desert fringe cattle industry

Each of the above topics will have sub-topics relating to a whole range of issues and when the expedition begins you can email me with questions about the journey.

Be sure to subscribe to my blog so that you receive news the moment that the ETE site becomes active.

4 thoughts on “Schools

  1. Thanks Andrew,
    I look forward to the blogs from the desert and will pass onto others. All the best for the trip and hope the girth goes easily under Morgan!
    regards to the mob, Nuala

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