reconnXpedition2012 has been partly funded by over 55 generous people who pledged financial contributions via the Pozible crowdfunding project.

These ‘Connectors’ have become directly involved in reconnxpedition2012 and will receive a variety of ‘rewards’ for their support. Things like … a postcard that was written under the southern stars and carried by CamelPost across the dunes …

Many thanks and apprecaition to the following:

Peter Carroll, Michael Fogerty, Trudi Thomas-Morton, Jim Pollitt, Carolyn Pettigrew, Mel Ting, Megan Ball, Ray Brown, Helen Avery, John MIllett, Vivienne Devine, Kacie Anning, Jazz Rosewell, Elizabeth Sakker, Bill King, Sarah Dankert, David Hall, Bev Jones, Carmel Woods, Frances Woods, Julian Sproule, Lowell Watkins, Valda Corrigan, Helen Seamark, Louise Salter, Joyce Newell, Marie Sitter, Geoff Ridley, Lou Clark, Lynne Devine Shearer, Diana Dennison, John McBride, Rebecca Dawson, Gillian Taylor, Peter Eve, David Taylor, Sam Hayward, Josh Mills and Amanda Savill.

Also to:
Jo Bertini, Will Landale, John Wilkinson and Max Tischler for their generous help in preparing the camels for the expedition.

  • Special thanks to Louise Salter for her crowdfunding advice and for providing the Pozible update video.
  • Thank you to John Wilkinson for generously supplying the Expedition Spotfinder.
  • A very large THANKYOU to Ted’s Camera & Video Store, Sydney city store, New South Wales for the excellent service, advice & price on the GoPro Camera System.
  • Thankyou to Peter Davidson at EPIRBhire for his generous package deal on the BGAN satellite equipment.

What do you think?

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